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by Sean
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Best Place to Buy Custom Hot Wheels

Hi fellow car collectors, customizers and all around enthusiasts for everything diecast cars and trucks.

I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels cars since I was 14.  I loved them as a kid, and played with them all the time.  Most of my childhood cars are gone, but as I got older and learned about collecting them instead of playing with them, I started to collect them.  Throughout the years into my 30s, I would get them as gifts, or buy them at the stores, and keep them in boxes in the unopened state.  Once my collection grew and I realized how hooked I was on collecting them, I needed another avenue of growing my collection.  The internet gave me that avenue.  I started buying on sites such as Etsy, Listia and Ebay.

After growing my collection of just Hot Wheels, like red lines, hot ones, since ’68 and main lines.  I started seeing custom Hot Wheels on Ebay and Etsy.  So, the car collector in me got curious and did my research on these custom Hot Wheels.  I started finding groups on Facebook and joined these groups and realized that there is this huge community of customizers.  I soon began buying and growing my collection even more buying on Ebay and Etsy.

The best place to buy custom Hot Wheels is on Ebay, in my opinion.  You get to bid on the custom you want and get it at a decent value.  There are thousands of custom Hot Wheels of all types, genres and models.  You can find cars painted that look old and rusty, or patina.  There are haulers, gassers, hot rods, rat rods, trucks of all makes and models.  They all have custom wheels, real rider tires, custom paint and anything else you can think of.  Buying and selling your custom Hot Wheels on Ebay is the best place to build your ultimate collection.

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