Die Cast Diaries – Chapter 10

by Sean
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Die Cast Diaries – Chapter 10

Hello family, friends and followers,

I’d like to welcome you to another chapter of Die Cast Diaries!

In this chapter, I will be introducing you to one of the most amazing customizers of Hot Wheels and other die cast cars and trucks in this amazing hobby culture. This guys customs are truly unique. His designs and craftsmanship are exquisite and flawless. His ability to create trucks and cars that are so awesome are from his background and his passion for this hobby. His pieces are so beautifully painted, especially the hand painted flames, which is what makes his customs so amazing and coveted by collectors. His builds are full of imagination and creativity that you would think he does this on full size vehicles as a career. There are many great customizers out there that stand out due to their awesome paint jobs that they put on their customs, but the star of this chapter is just one of many that I have met during my time exploring this unbelievable hobby community. Not only is his painting skills outstanding, but his metal fabrication and body work is like an artist working with clay or pottery. His story is incredible and so are his customs. I hope that after reading this chapter, that you will go and check out this man’s creations and get in touch with him about getting one made for your collection. Please enjoy this chapter of Die Cast Diaries starring Jesse Buck of Buck’s Customs.

Me: What is your name and where are you from?

Jesse: My name is Jesse Buck, I’m from Birdsboro, PA.

Me: How old were you when you started playing with Hot Wheels?

Jesse: I’ve been playing with Hot Wheels as long as I can remember.

Me: How old were you when you started collecting Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks?

Jesse: I started collecting Hot Wheels around 98-99.

Me: When did you start customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks?

Jesse: I started customizing a few months after I started collecting.

Me: What got you interested in customizing diecast cars and trucks?

Jesse: My Dad and one of my brothers went to a toy show and saw a custom Dairy Delivery, we started customizing as soon as we got home that day.

Me: Who was your inspiration or influence that got you into customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks?

Jesse: Hot wheels actually got me into real cars.

Me: Do you have a background in working on cars and trucks which helps make customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks easier and helps with your creativity on them?

Jesse: Yes.  I have experience in customizing real cars and trucks.

Me: How long have you been customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks?

Jesse: I’ve been customizing since 1999.

Me: What is your specialty in customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks?

Jesse: I don’t know if I have a specialty in customizing, I just build a car or truck the way it looks best to me.

Me: What makes your customs stand out from most of the other customs out there?

Jesse: I think my cars and trucks stand out because of the hand painted flames and designs I put on them. Also, my trucks are slammed, and custom fabricated.

Me: Is customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks a hobby or a full time job for you? If it’s a full time job for you, what is the name of your business? If it’s a hobby, what are your social media outlets where people can view and possibly buy your customs?

Jesse: Just a hobby, I mainly post on Instagram, sometimes Facebook. You can find me @buckscustoms on Instagram.

Me: Is selling your customs a second income stream or just a way to fund your customizing passion?

Jesse: If it’s a truck, it always sells, cars seem a bit harder to get rid of. I sell them to keep the hobby going. It also helps to not further fill my already overflowing diecast collection.

Me: Which casting is your favorite to customize?

Jesse: I’d have to say 07 Silverado, I’ve done a ton and everyone loves them.

Me: Finally, what are your top 5 Hot Wheels of all time?

Jesse: Top 5, I could never pick. I like so many cars and trucks, so here’s 5 off the top of my head.
07 Silverado
Datsun 620
95 RX7
87 Toyota Pickup
83 Silverado

Me: Thank you for participating in my blog and helping spread the world of customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks to the general public. I appreciate you, your time and your customs.

In closing, I just want to say that what you’re about to see is going to prove that customizing die cast cars and trucks is an art and it takes talent, skill, imagination, passion and creativity to make these little cars and trucks look so cool. I don’t own any of his customs, but I wish I did. They are incredible works of painted art and would be awesome additions towards the ultimate collection. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics of Buck’s Customs.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me here at srqdiecast.com or on my other social media outlets.  You can find my page on Facebook here, you can find me here on Instagram and you can also check out my Pinterest page for even more things die cast.

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