Diecast 1/64 Scale

by Sean
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SRQ Diecast is your one stop shop to build your ultimate collection.

Hot Wheels

SRQ Diecast has plenty of Hot Wheels 1/64 scale diecast products available.  Redlines, Black walls, Hot Ones, Treasure Hunts, Super Treasure Hunts, etc.  Hot Wheels is the leader in diecast production.  The Red Lines, originals from 1968, are the most sought after and most collectible.


Matchbox 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks have been around longer than Hot Wheels, but they were also known as Lesney diecast.  They are the leading competitor for Hot Wheels in the 1/64 scale diecast market.

Jada Toys

Jada 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks are some of the more detailed and realistic looking in my opinion.  The DUB City brand of Jada is a huge product line for 1/64 scale diecast collectors and customizers.  Lots of great looking cars with really awesome rubber tires and chrome wheels.


Maisto 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks are not as good a quality as the others listed, but they offer customizers great vehicles to use for parts on the custom builds.  The Elite Allstars, Pro Rodz and Muscle Machine lines are the most popular among 1/64 scale diecast collectors and customizers.

Johnny Lightning

Johnny Lightning 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks are a very detailed line and popular brand of collectors.  They are not as successful as the Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands, but they did put out a nice line of replica 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks from the 50s, 60s and 70s to try and compete with Hot Wheels.

Customizing Diecast

Customizing 1/64 diecast cars and trucks is a huge hobby!  I was not aware of such a large following of this type of model building, but I quickly became addicted to the customizing community of all diecast cars and trucks!  There are so many people in this community that love customizing.  From simple wheel swaps, to custom paint jobs, to complete build from scratch at this 1/64 scale is amazing!  I’ve seen so many customizers on Instagram, and have grown my own collection over the past couple of years from buying their incredible custom diecast cars and trucks.  Now, I have the itch, and I have begun customizing my own 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks and I love doing it.  It is what inspired me to start SRQ Diecast.


SRQ Diecast will be the one stop shop for building your ultimate collection of 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks.  I plan on opening a retail store where I will sell my very own customs as well as items from all of the lines listed above for all those diecast enthusiasts out there.  You’ll be able to shop online and in my store which will be uniquely designed for the collecting and customizing of 1/64 scale diecast cars and trucks.

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