Hot Wheels Collectors

by Sean
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What is a Hot Wheels Collector?  Who are Hot Wheels collectors?  Why are you and I Hot Wheels collectors?  When did you start to become a Hot Wheels Collector?  How do you become a Hot Wheels collector?  I will answer these questions and give you some insight to my background as a Hot Wheels collector.

What is a Hot Wheels collector?  The answer to this is simple….anyone who loves diecast cars and trucks.  The person loves these diecast vehicles so much that they begin to keep them and gather more of them to have.  A Hot Wheels collector, specifically, collects Hot Wheels.  A diecast collector collects all brands of diecast vehicles, such as Matchbox, Jada, Maisto,etc.  There is no set number of vehicles to designate what is a collection, in my opinion.  If you have two Hot Wheels, that is considered a collection.  A Hot Wheels collector will keep the vehicles in cases, boxes or shelves for display.  They will not play with them.  They accumulate and accumulate building their ultimate collection.

Who are Hot Wheels collectors?  The answer is anyone who loves Hot Wheels diecast vehicles.  The other brands of diecast vehicles are sometimes collected by that same person who loves Hot Wheels.  Hot Wheels collectors range in age, from 5 years old to the 80s.  They can be male or female.  Hot Wheels collecting doesn’t discriminate.  I know lots of collectors from all walks of life and all ages.

Why are you and I Hot Wheels collectors?  The answer is easy, we love Hot Wheels diecast vehicles.  We love cars and trucks as a kid and as adults.  I might have an addiction to being a Hot Wheels collector.  It’s not a bad thing, I hope, but it can be an expensive hobby.  I started collecting Hot Wheels after my childhood years, where I played with my Hot Wheels mostly.  When I turned 14 or 15, that is when I realized I didn’t want to play with them anymore.  I wanted to start collecting them and keeping them safely stored for value purposes.  As collectors, a collection can lead to a monetary asset, which you could collect by selling your collection.  I plan on handing my collection down to my son for him to decide what to do with it when he’s my age.

When did you start to become a Hot Wheels collector?  I started when I was a teenager.  I realized that there was more to collecting Hot Wheels instead of playing with them and damaging them.  You may have started collecting when you were younger than me or you may have started later on in life.  No matter when it was that you started to become a Hot Wheels collector is not the important thing.  The important thing is that you are a Hot Wheels collector.

How do you become a Hot Wheels collector?  The answer to this question is simple for most, but it can be deep and complex also, depending on who you are.  You may get introduced into Hot Wheels or other diecast brands from another family member.  You may just fall in love with them the moment you laid your eyes on them in the store or at a friends house.  I wasn’t introduced to Hot Wheels by a family member.  My dad was not a collector, but he loved cars.  I was introduced to Hot Wheels when I got them as gifts as a child.  I loved Hot Wheels the moment I opened them and started playing with them.  The older I got, the more I got into them and into cars in general.  I started building model cars, trucks and airplanes.  As a Hot Wheels collector, I now like to build custom Hot Wheels cars and trucks.  You may have the same path as I in becoming a Hot Wheels collector.  You may have a different story to tell, which is what makes being a Hot Wheels collector so special for all of us.  We all have our own stories regarding Hot Wheels collecting and building our ultimate collections.

SRQDiecast will be starting a podcast called, Diecast Diaries, in the near future.  This will be where I interview fellow Hot Wheels collectors and customizers and have them tell us their stories and help them promote their business or get fellow collectors in touch with other collectors and customizers so that the whole Hot Wheels collecting communitity can be recognized globally.

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