Hot Wheels Custom Cars

by Sean
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What are Hot Wheels Custom Cars?

Hello my fellow collectors, customizers and diecast car enthusiasts,

In this post, I’m going to define what Hot Wheels custom cars are and why they are considered a custom.

A Hot Wheels custom car is any Hot Wheels casting that has been modified from its original state that it was made by the manufacturer, Mattel.  The modifications can be as simple as painting tail lights, head lights and other small details on the engine or undercarriage.  Other modifications can be full paint jobs, wheel swaps and full custom builds of the body by adding more or chopping the body.  All these modifications to the car/truck will make it a Hot Wheels custom car.

This is my very first full custom build.  The hauler is a truck from a set, which I completely disassembled, painted everything that isn’t chrome.  The flatbed is from a Maisto car hauler, which i repainted to match the truck.  The van I chopped the back end off so I could install the blown engine and exhaust to make the van a rear engine hot rod.  Both vehicles got wheel swaps and details painted to finish the build.  Building this Hot Wheels custom car and hauler set was so much fun for me and it’s the niche in customizing that I am focusing on.  Building more Hot Wheels custom car and hauler sets is going to be my main line of customs to sell and display on SRQDiecast.

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