Works In Progress

by Sean
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Works in progress:  a project that is not yet finished.  That is the defiinition of works in progress.  It’s applicable to so many things.  Let’s dive into things that are works in progress to get a better understanding of them and what it takes to having a finished project.

Works in Progress – Custom Hot Wheels

As a custom Hot Wheels builder, there will always be works in progress on your work bench.  It’s part of the hobby and life of a customizer.  We’re creative people and most creative people have so many ideas floating around in their heads that projects get started, then another one and so on till you have 5 or 6 projects started.  Those are now all works in projects.  My personal works in progress are wheel swaps and a full build of a custom flat bed hauler with matching car or truck.  The build is in pieces, the wheel swap cars are off to the side.  One night I work on the build, the next night I work on the wheel swaps.  This is the routine I’m in, but I am being patient and making sure that everything is fitting together the way I want and need for the finished product to look good enough to sell to a customer for a fair price.  That is the end game for me and many other customizers of Hot Wheels and other diecast brands.  Complete one works in progress, hopefully sell it then start another works in progress.  The cycle of customizing Hot Wheels and other diecast cars and trucks.

Works in Progress – Career

Your career is a works in progress if you think about it.  You start a career and for the next 30 to 40 years all you do is try to get better at your job each and every day.  You’re always learning something new.  New products, new computers, new software applications, new policies, new employees, new customers, new everything.  Doesn’t matter what field your in, there’s constant change, which is why your career is a work in progress.  You’re adapting, changing, learning, evolving and growing as a person in your career each year.  When you reach the pinnacle of your career, you’re at retirement, hopefully.  Your career as a work in progress is now over.  You may think that its a finished product and it is, only for you at that moment once you retire.  You leave the position as a work in progress for your successor.  That person now has the challenge of completing their work in progress in their career.  It’s a cycle, no matter who or what you do for a career.

Works in Progress – Me, Myself & I

YOU are a works in progress, inside and out.  As a person, you grow and develop into an adult in a world that is full of challenges at every corner.  You are always learning, making choices and decisions that dictate what is going to happen in your life’s journey.  You are a works in progress because you are not perfect.  No human being is.  We are all works in progress.  You are always working on bettering yourself as a human being no matter what your age is.  You’re trying to be the best man or woman you can be for yourself and for your family and friends.  You’ll never be a finished project, cause as a human being, we will always make mistakes, make bad choices, fail at things and occassionally treat others terribly.  If you can accept yourself for who you are, a works in progress, and know that you’ll never be a perfect finished project, you can be happy and productive.  Being a works in progress as a person is what makes everyone so unique and different. It’s why this world is so diverse.  If we were all perfect finished projects, we’d all be the same.  That would be boring and the world would look very different.  Staying true to yourself, loving yourself and accepting others for who they are will make all the works in progress around the world look like finished projects in your eyes and in your heart.  Being human is the biggest works in progress you’ll have to work on and only when you’re ready to leave this earth, will you be a finished  project.

Works in Progress – Life

Life is definitely a works in progress.  Life is like you, it’s the biggest one you have to work on.  It’s different and has it’s own set of challenges and it most likely will never be a finished project.  Your life is a crazy ride.  It’s full of twists and turns.  There’s so many bumps in the road on your journey in life, that it only makes finishing the works in progress seem impossible.  It is impossible.  Let’s face it, if we all had perfect lives, the world would be boring.  We would all be the same.  Life as a works in progress makes things more interesting, exciting, scary, challenging, and many other adjectives that you can think of.  It’s what makes life a journey.  It takes time, hard work, patience, staying positive, staying strong and true to yourself in order to navigate through all the parts of this works in progress called life.  Life will chew you up and spit you out if you let it.  In the end, you hope to have lived a great life.  Celebrated so many things, milestones, etc with all of your loved ones so that when your life is over, you can reflect on it and feel like you finished that project with pride and dignity.


Works in progress has so many applications to it.  It encompasses so many things in our lives.  It’s not just for unfinished projects, like custom Hot Wheels, paintings, building a tree house, fixing an old antique car, etc.  As a person, everything about us is a works in progress.  Our lives, careers and working on ourselves are the biggest works in progress we all have to try and finish.  We will all finish our own works in progress in our own ways and at our own times.  Take your time, stay positive and stay true to yourself and the finished project will turn out to be your masterpiece.

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